NOSQUITO – MOSQUITO REPELLENT Natural Vaporizer with Goodness of Tulsi & Grape fruit


This mosquito repellent vaporizer contains 100% plant-based extracts, encapsulated with the goodness of Tulsi and active grapefruit.
No synthetic chemicals or organic solvents are used, unlike all other repellents to eliminate the side-effects.
Maximum use of safe and healthy ingredients.It doesn’t have an irritating odor, carries a pleasant fragrance instead.
Safe by nature for all age groups and is even children friendly. Can last up to 45 nights of protection from mosquitoes and some other pests as well.
Mode of action is olfactory and keeps both humans and the environment safe and healthy.

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Reseda Life Sciences is a Research & Development innovator dedicated to an organic way of life. Most products these days have more side-effects than the required properties. So, the company creates chemical-free and mostly organic products with the help of modern scientific techniques. Reseda aims to remove toxicity from our daily life products in order to make our lifestyles more efficient and disease-free. By extracting most ingredients from plants, the company makes sure, that the negative effects of a particular product and residues are minimum. New methods are innovated and existing ones are evolved to get the desired life applications without the number of hazards that most products leave behind for us to tackle in exchange for one problem they solve.
This mosquito repellent vaporizer- Nosquito, by Reseda life is quite a change when it comes to vaporizers people use. Where all others have proved to be hazardous for humans along with mosquitoes, this can be a healthy practice. Studies show that most of the vaporizers available in the market create similar impacts as that of passive smoking. On one hand, they save us from mosquitoes whereas they have many side effects on our lungs. Nosquito vaporizers have ingredients extracted 100% from plants instead of synthetic chemicals or organic solvents, making it free from all the negative effects. Being mostly natural, it doesn’t attack the nervous system of the pest and cannot kill them. Nosquito is a total solution for healthy people and safer surrounding and it’s among the most efficient solutions available in the market.

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