Choosemychoice provides virtual space for sellers to display their product. In essence the platform acts as a marketplace, where sellers try to sell their product and interested customers buy them based on the price and quality of a product. The capacity of Choosemyshoice is limited to the upkeep and up-gradation of its website, along with other tertiary services, which may improve the experience of selling and buying over the internet.
The definitions of terms that are agreed upon by both parties:
Buyer: An interested shopper who connects with a seller on Choosemychoice’s website to place an order for a product.
Order: When an order is initiated it means that the buyer has placed a binding purchase order on the seller.
Website: Refers to and instances of the same.
Order Management:

– Choosemychoice will select the sellers and their products that will be displayed for sale on the website. Choosemychoice reserves the right to decline virtual space on its website to any seller without having to explain their decision.
– Choosemychoice will act as an intermediate between the buyer and seller, hence making the transaction hassle free.
– Sellers must be ready to dispatch their products with the invoice within 2 business days. If unforeseen circumstances cause delay, Choosemychoice must be informed in order to improve customer service for the buyer.
– Sellers are not allowed to promote their products to buyers directly.
Financial Terms:
– The final price, which included delivery charge, tax and commission, for any product will be decided by Choosemychoice.
– Upon accent, sellers agree to pay the market fees, courier fees and payment collection fees.
– It is astute for a seller to quote the best and most competitive price on the website as choosemychoice reserves the right to inform buyers of purchases which will yield most value for money.
– Choosemychoice will release payments to sellers on the 15th or 30th of every month.
Logistics and Consumer Rights:
– Only after a product is signed for by a buyer will its ownership change from the seller to the buyer.
– The Seller must bear all sales returns if the buyer is unsatisfied with the product.
– Any warranty associated with the product must be appended. In case of a manufacturing defect the seller must be prepared to repair, replace or refund.
Intellectual Property Rights:
– Sellers must acknowledge that Choosemychoice has supreme authority over its website. Content displayed will be removed if found offensive or irrelevant, but Choosemychoice shall not be held responsible for content and images shared on its website by Sellers. Sellers shall bear full responsibility for their actions.
– Choosemychoice has the right to display a product, the company’s logo, brandname and so on.
– The Buyer’s database is Choosemychoice’s exclusive property and Sellers must not use this information for their own benefit without the virtual meeting place provided by the website.